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  • Een 'mobile-friendly' tag aan jouw website?

  • Een 'mobile-friendly' tag aan jouw website?


Google also in the Netherlands new tagfor mobileoperational in the mobile search results. Google wants to make it easier for them to find the information they are looking for. The so-called Google "mobile-friendly" tag can play a role as a preferred criterion for the order of pages in Google's mobile search results.
Are you wondering if your web site called "mobile-friendly" is below the test itself.
Mobile-friendly test

When you receive a 'mobile-friendly' tag?

When Googlebot has found that:
  • No use is made of software and flash;
  • Texts are legible without having to zoom in;
  • Content is scaled to fit the screen width of the visitor's device eliminates the need to scroll horizontally;
  • The distance between several links (or buttons) is large enough relative to each other so that a visitor may click on it.

'Mobile-friendly' design

Do not have a "mobile-friendly" receive tag? Hipmobile makes your website easily converted within minutes into a mobile site. The website layout is optimized for mobile devices. This has no impact on your current website, but on your future mobile findability.
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